Our Services


ODB tuning

Tuning carried out via vehicles diagnostic port


Chip / Bench Tuning

ECU removed from vehicle and tuned



avoid expensive bills by pin pointing the exact fault with the vehicle


DPF Solutions

Regeneration of the DPF (selected vehicles only)


Key Programming 

Programming of new keys to the engines immobiliser, instrument cluster and ignition
(selected vehicles only)


ECU coding

When various new parts are fitted to the vehicle this requires it being coded to the vehicle for it to function


Diesel Particulate delete (DPF)

By deleting the DPF from the ECU the vehicle no longer thinks it has a DPF filter no more but will require the DPF to be removed or gutted of its internals.


Exhaust Gas recirculation valve delete (EGR)

By deleting the EGR valve from the ECU the vehicle no longer thinks it has one anymore but may require it being unplugged or being removed and blanked off with blanking plates


Stage 1, 2 and 3 Performance Remapping

By tuning the vehicles ECU we can create more power and more torque, stage 2+ will require vehicle modifications prior to being tuned


performance and fuel ecomomy blended remapping

The best of both worlds with this remap not only will you get a bit of extra power but you will also get more fuel saving

ecot (1).jpg

Fuel economy remapping

this remap will keep the vehicles original power but can benefit from upto a whopping extra 20% fuel saving


pop and bang / crackle remapping

vehicle will pop and bang/crackle with this add on when revving the vehicle and also on gear changes and deacceleration and throttle let off


swirl flap delete

helps prevent Major Mechanical Failure, Leaking Manifolds, Carbon build up


hardcut / popcorn limiters

A hardcut limiter cuts the fuel at the set RMP limit. This changes how the engine behaves and changes the sound of the vehicle at the RMP limit. With the manufactured RMP limit, a diesel car will hit the limit and will stay at the exact point until the driver takes his foot off the pedal


speed limiter removal

disable your car's speed limiter. Like most computers, the functions of your car's engine computer can be modified

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adblue delete

ADBlue delete service removes the ADBlue system from the vehicle's engine control unit. After removal, the vehicle drives like a system with ADBlue, without error messages and without the engine indicator light lighting up. Deactivating the SCR system is intended exclusively for use off public roads


back to stock remapping

If you require a bad remap from another tuner and would like vehicle back to standard for whatever reason we can upload the original software for your specific vehicle


gearbox remapping

Remapping the controller for the gearbox can greatly increase the performace and driveability of automatic geared vehicles. Overall the process provides increased engine power and 50% faster gear shifting along with speed limiter removal where applicable.


o2 / lambda / catalictic converter delete

Oxygen sensor removal / delete is an important tuning solution for your vehicle’s engine. After our lambda disable remapping, you will enjoy better fuel efficiency and fuel economy, more engine power and cleaner emissions. In addition, the performance of your vehicle will increase and you will not have to worry anymore about engine fault codes and check engine lights on the dashboard.


mass air flow sensor delete (maf)

he MAF sensor delete, also called MAF removal or MAF off is usually required on highly upgraded vehicles. The reason is that the amount of air passing through the mass airflow sensor causes burnout or hitting its maximum. And as we mentioned above, a damaged MAF sensor causes limp mode and degradation of the engine overall performance


dtc delete

Permanently removing fault codes from the engine management system is a very useful process when modifying a vehicle. Removing components such as swirl flaps, EGR valves, other modules etc.. for purpose of performance modification or motorsport will often cause a fault code to be stored in the ECU memory along with lights on the dash and limp mode. By recoding the ECU data and permanently removing the specific fault code we can prevent the dash lights from being displayed and prevent the vehicle from entering limp mode.

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launch control

Launch control is designed to help the driver generate a quick launch from stand still. Too much power and the vehicle will wheel spin, too little and the engine will bog down. Our launch control remap option limits the low speed rpm, thus limiting the power to the wheels, once the vehicle begins to increase in speed and traction has been established full power is activated.

Currently our launch control remap is limited to only a few models. Cars equipped with a DSG gearbox will require a DSG Remap in order to activate launch control.



Anti-lag is designed simply to spool the turbo and therefore create positive boost pressure to allow the turbo to build boost pressure at a standstill, turbo lag normally occurs when when the vehicle is initially pulling away from a standing start. Anti-lag can be integrated into the engine management


torque monitoring delete

Torque Monitoring function, this functions makes ECU detect if the values of Torque are inconsistant with predefined ones and this will make car go into safe mode when aparently all is ok. Well after many requests we are now able to provide to our costumers a workaround to this a new service called Torque Monitoring Disable will enable anyone to tune a car not being worried about this feature contained in most modern ECUs.

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exhaust flap delete

The Exhaust Flap is a valve installed on the final muffler and this part biggest objective is reducing the noise in a cold start condition. When this module solution is applied the valve will be open in any condition. This is also a valid option when final muffler is removed. In some VAG vehicles, this valve is also controlled by selecting the Sport Mode.


bmw sports display

BMW FXX vehicles that have sport gauges in their central module display with power and torque displays can be calibrated to show the correct BHP and torque after a tune.


boost sensor / Map sensor calibration

When harder tune is required by customers one of the first parts to be changed is the boost pressure sensor, of course when changing, it its needed to change settings for it also in ECU.