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Stage 1 performance map, adblue delete, DTC delete 170bhp -----> 200bhp 400nm -----> 500nm Another extremely happy customer today with this BOOT remap, the customer was having alot of problems with his adblue system and Mercedes was charging extortionate money to fix this system 😳 £££ We turned up today and the vehicle was showing there were only 3 miles left until the vehicle wouldn't start with the adblue system already filled up and system was reset and still the car wasn't happy. We pulled out the ECU and flashed it with our amazing software, unplugged the adblue ECU and then installed the engine ECU back on the vehicle.. No more problems with adblue system as it now doesn't exist also no more errors on the dashboard and extra power for this lovely Mercedes... The customer was so happy with the added power to his car and no more faults, he can now use his car for work again. #ECUFLASH #ecuremap #ecutuning #magicmotorsport #flex #chiptuning #BDM #mercedes #cclassconvertible #c220cdi #happycustomersmakeushappy

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