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Truck Remapping

Fuel is one of the biggest costs in road transport today and the industry has spent thousands of man hours looking for ways to help the fleet manager cut operating costs.

But one of the simplest and cheapest ways delivering almost immediate payback is remapping the Engine ECU.

By carefully adjusting the calibration parameters within the Engine ECU, a typical remap allows the engine to produce more torque lower in the RPM range, enabling higher gears to be selected earlier or maintained for longer before down shifting. Using the revised gear change strategy fuel savings of between 5% and 20% are often achievable. Driver training is of course invaluable, an inefficient driver will still waste fuel, but the majority of drivers should achieve savings within the first few trips.

With typical improvements in MPG of between 10% - 15%, your investment will be quickly recouped, and don't underestimate the time and efficiency improvements that come with a bigger range.

What Savings can I expect?

When driven professionally, we would expect on average to see a reduction of around 10% from your fuel bil, possibly more.