About Us

When A1 Vehicle Tuning Ltd was founded we set out to provide the finest tuning software available to your vehicle, a software that was very reliable, a software that adds decent performance not just over the top power which your vehicle would not cope with.... yes we could give you a higher power output but that wouldn't be a good idea because its only going to damage your car and put way too much unwanted strain on your engine and other components.

We are ECU remapping experts and we specialise in tuning vehicles of all makes and model through the OBD port and through chip tuning, all vehicles leave the factory running at around 80% capacity. This is because automotive manufacturers tune vehicles for the ‘middle ground’ – people who don’t service their cars when they’re supposed to and run them on cheap fuel.

We’ll enhance your vehicle's power delivery with a fast, effective ECU remapping service, what we do is unlock the additional percentage of performance OEMs leave out, by reprogramming the ECU in a safe and effective way. We change a wide range of parameters to achieve this, including boost pressure, fuel pressure, engine speed, cam timing and more to deliver a big performance boost that’s safe.

Having been working for a very highly repitable tuning company for quite some time gaining some exceptional knowlege and decent friends, i decided to start up my own company A1 Vehicle Tuning so this is a relatively new company but we are already gaining a high reputation for the work we pride ourselves in. We and the previuous company i used to work for still collaberate and work together from time to time and the work relationship is very strong.

We understand how important your car is to you. We’ve built an unparalleled foundation of knowledge through rigorous training. Our craft is our pride and rest assured your vehicle will be in the hands with pros who really care and not just someone who is out to make a quick buck, if our customers are happy then so are we.
We use the highest qulity equipment available from our tuning tools and diagnostics all the way to our battery stabiliser, We will do our best to acomodate our customers needs and tailer our software to the customers choice.

We are based in Reading, Berkshire and we also offer a fully mobile service where we can come out to our customers choice of location at a convienient time of your choice (within business hours) depending on *availability*

We are fully insured all the way up to £2million should anything out of the blue accur but with all of our experience and top of the range tools rest assured this hasnt needed to be used yet.

Remapping is our passion. We live and breathe it. Whether you drive a Volkswagen Polo or a Porsche 911 Turbo, you can expect the best service from us.

We’ve made it our mission to help anyone and everyone in the Berkshire area, even as far afield as Oxfordshire, London, Buckinghamshire  and even further afield if needed. Whatever walk of life you are from, we can help you transform your vehicle into something that works how you want it to, based on how you use it on a day to day basis. We go out of our way to ensure you have the very best driving experience, and will ALWAYS be there to help get you back on the road. No matter what. We fix the mistakes other people make, and we’ll always come out in an emergency. That’s a guarantee.